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Covid 19


If you are experiencing symptoms of the Flu or COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please call our office for any assistance.

Our office remains open to the public, but this could change at any time.

We are requesting that you take advantage of the numerous options for bill payment and other business communications that do not involve personal contact. Those are as follows: 
1. Access our on-line bill payment system on our website;
2. Call in and pay your bill over the phone;
3. Call in and establish a monthly ACH bank draft;
4. Deliver your payment to our drive thru or drop-box;
5. Mail your payment to us at the address provided on your statement.

Before any employee will be dispatched to a customer’s home for a service call, we will ask the customer a series of questions to determine the risk of exposure to our employee. If our team believes that any risk exists, the service call will be rescheduled, if possible. If the service call is an emergency, special precautions must be taken by our employees and our customers before a visit can be made. Our employees will use their best judgment before scheduling a service call, and after arriving at a customer’s home to determine the best approach for protecting everyone involved. 

We are facing a fluid and unprecedented set of circumstances. As you know, the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. In addition, the federal government and the state of Georgia have declared public health emergencies. We continue to monitor updates from federal, state, and local officials regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, and we may make adjustments to this screening policy as appropriate. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe!

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