Whole Home DVR

Record your favorite show,
while watching another show.

Whole-Home DVR service allows you to DVR from any room and watch the recording from any room.. Record your favorite show on the DVR in the living room? Watch it in the bedroom with Whole-Home DVR service!

Parental Control & Channel Blocking

Your CTC-TV set top box or DVR is equipped with Channel Blocking and Parental Control features to help you customize your television viewing experience to your family's needs.  For instructions on initial set-up of these features, please click here to download the instruction sheets in PDF format (Adobe Reader or equivalent required).  If you have difficulty with the above link, you can also pick up a copy of the instruction sheets at our office.


The internet has transformed nearly every aspect of our lifestyles in an unprecedented fashion. The way we watch television is no exception; the internet is making television viewing more affordable! The days of costly cable or satellite television service, which were once necessary to watch the best movies, sports, and television series available, are coming to an end.  The Internet of today puts entertainment at your fingertips, and on your time. This Internet-based television programming is called streamed programming.